Immunity w/ Elderberry, Zinc & Vitamin C powder formula features the goodness of Elderberry along with the tried-and-true vitamin and mineral support of VitaminC and Zinc, for a trio you won't want to do without. Black Elderberry is a traditional berry that has been used by Native Americans and Ancient Egypt for centuries. Black Elderberry is exclusively harvested from the mountains of Europe and North America, where the soil is brimming with essential minerals and provides the best landscape for these nutrient-dense fruits to blossom and grow. Naturally Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, Elderberry is a valuable addition to health routines everywhere. At Get Nude Supplements, we take pride and know how important a clean wellness experience is for you and the ones you love. That's why we only use the very best ingredients in the creation of our Immunity w/ Elderberry, Zinc & Vitamin C powder formula.

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