So many young men out in the fitness world have trouble either gaining weight through food alone or they just can’t find a way to take in healthy calories and wind up “Skinny Fat” instead of Muscular. MASS GAINZ™ takes the guess work out of healthy calories with 40g of protein per serving. More than that, iForce has added Quinoa, Oats and healthy Medium Chain Triglycerides to take a single, 2 scoop serving to more than 500 dense and delicious calories. MASS GAINZ™ combines the power of CarboPlex™, LipoPlex™ & ProtoPlex™ – for the fastest way to Strength, Power, and Lean Muscle Mass you could ever expect. No more guessing what to eat. No more binging on disgusting fast food for calories. Now is the time for new gains. It’s time for delicious Mass Gainz™.

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