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The makers of BANG are proud to bring you Cell Swell®, the Anabolic Trigger to Make Muscles Bigger! This super-versatile innovation can be used as a pre-, intra- and even post-workout drink. Cell Swell® is formulated to enhance muscle cell swelling, thereby igniting mTOR to induce muscle growth and strength. This is accomplished by combining volumizing agents and methyl donors along with Nitric Oxide Catalysts™ during resistance training. The fusion of increased blood flow plus metabolite accumulation and lactate provision is a masterful winning combination. All of this is just another way of saying that Bang has taken “the pump” to a whole new level. If you like lifting weights, you’ll love the results you get from Cell Swell®.

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VPX: Cell Swell Power Punch 20 Servings

VPX: Cell Swell Power Punch 20 Servings

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