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PROPLEX® contains a potent protein blend that is perfect after a workout, before bed or anytime you want a great, healthy snack!

PROPLEX® contains three potent protein sources, including a combination of fast whey protein isolates and concentrates along with intermediate egg white and egg yolk proteins to maximize muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

Different proteins are digested at different rates, have distinct amino acid profiles and, most importantly, have unique functional properties. These proteins can impact the degree and duration of MPS and can also suppress muscle protein breakdown  while offering many functional benefits.

Of course, all that sounds great, but does it taste good?

No… it tastes great! Plus, PROPLEX® comes in a variety of different flavors and contains two grams or less of carbohydrates per serving.

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VPX: Proplex Serious Chocolate 77 Servings

VPX: Proplex Serious Chocolate 77 Servings

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